The Circulation Sex or Pericardium Meridian

The Circulation Sex meridian is not an organ. It is responsible for regulating circulation of the blood. It is also linked to the feelings of love and sex.

What does the Circulation Sex Do?

It is responsible for arterial and venous blood flow, as well as internal and external sexual secretions.

What are the Kinesiology Muscles for the Circulation Sex Meridian?

The Kinesiology meridian muscle connection for the Circulation Sex include muscles in the hips, buttocks and legs including

  • Gluteus Medius
  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Piriformis
  • Adductors

Common imbalances in the Circulation Sex Meridian

Hormonal imbalances including fertility and menopause difficulty

Balancing the Circulation Sex Meridian using the BEES

The BEES stand for Biochemical, Emotional, Electrical, Structural. These 4 areas are the focus of a Kinesiology therapy.


Biochemical Balancing

The focus for biochemically balancing the Circulation Sex meridian is hormonal balancing including diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

Muscle Testing for Supplements

Clients with a Circulation Sex imbalance (often unlocking when challenged in a muscle test), we muscle test supplements to find what will strengthen the circuit.

Emotional Balancing

In Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Element Theory, the Circulation Sex meridian belongs to the ‘Fire’ element which is the emotion of sadness and joy.

The Circulation Sex meridian protects the heart from emotional trauma, constricts the chest to protect the heart and helps to express the joy of the heart.

It is related to the loving feelings, joy and pleasure associated with sex and moderates the sexual energy of the kidneys with the all-embracing love generated by the heart.

Electrical Balancing

The Circulation Sex meridian’s time is between 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. which is when we are meant to relax, allow our parasympathetic nervous system to function.

Structural Balancing

The Circulation Sex meridian is connected to muscles that stabilise the pelvis.

  • Back pain – Sciatic Nerve
  • Hip pain
  • A bilateral weak piriformis (on both sides) is linked to the jaw and a bilateral weak gluteus maximus is linked to the neck, so there can also be upper neck and head issues with a Circulation Sex imbalance.
  • Dehydration

To balance the Circulation Sex meridian structurally, it is recommended to strengthen the legs to relieve pressure on the glutes, balance the TMJ (Jaw) and balance the neck muscles.